Keeping an eye on your assets

In this world of Covid we need to be mindful that things have changed and will change again and again, bringing about uncertainty, reduced capacity, prioritising, neglect, closure and remoteness. We’ve seen in the media the growth with ‘working from home as the new norm’ so we believe that an organization’s assets can be managed remotely also.

For the built environment many systems exist to manage and monitor, that’s great but what about assets that require annual safety/maintenance or assets that you simply cannot get to easily and monitor? what if the asset isn’t fit for purpose? what if the asset is at risk of breaking or fatiguing? Our technology enables this, assets that can be remotely monitored, for stress, cracking, fatigue.. ‘gradual fatiguing’ and a simple cost effective solution enables this to happen now by using our technology and deploying once and leaving it to tell operatives when ‘it’ requires maintenance or investigation. 

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